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Island Investing

Riffs, rants, and the upside of investing from way off Wall Street


Links of Interest

1. Good graphic: Financial Middlemen Can Cost Up to 6%.

2. Yet another reason to kill your television. “In the U.S., we spend 100 million hours every weekend, just watching the ads.”

3. Wall Street’s Bailout Hustle. Equal parts entertaining and disturbing.

4. Government’s proper role in the market. Surprisingly coherent argument from that politician who disgraced himself a while back. Too vague?

5. A Roadmap for America’s Future. Another rational idea from a politician. What in the world is going on here???

6. Story on hedge fund manager Mike Burry, from a new Michael Lewis book that one reviewer called, “Probably the single best piece of financial journalism ever written.”

7. This could only happen in the Keys. Best tip from the police: “Don’t try to shave your privates, either.”