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Arquitos Launches a Spoke Fund®

Congrats to Steve Kiel of Arquitos Capital Management, who will be launching a Spoke Fund® called the Freedom Fund on May 1st. Score one for the good guys.

Arquitos is an independent fee-only value investing shop running a focused portfolio, based in Virginia outside of DC. Steve is an Iraq war veteran, a recovering lawyer, and an all-around great guy. And because the Freedom Fund is a Spoke Fund®, he’s got almost all of his family’s entire net worth in it, too.

Find out more about Arquitos here. You can find Steve on Twitter here. Stop by and say hi. Or, come on down to the Spoke Fund® workshop here in Islamorada on May 15 and meet him yourself.

And, for the record, the official scoreboard now reads like this:

Mutual Funds: 8,000
Spoke Funds: 4

You feelin’ us?