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The Launch of

I’ve now got a new site up at It’s for portfolio managers wanting to learn more about Spoke Fund®.

It became pretty clear about the time I held that workshop down here this spring that Spoke Funds were an idea that had outgrown this blog. Quite a few portfolio managers have contacted me over the last few years about building a spoke fund, and I felt like I needed a new place to start getting into the weeds on some wonky things about spokes. This blog, however, is really geared towards the investors in my funds, and while they put up with a lot of my antics, they’d probably draw the line at, say, 1,000-word posts about the optimal threshold trade setting in an initial synchronization transaction on FOLIOfn. So, I created the site to geek out with other portfolio managers. It’s low-frills, as you’d expect from a cheapskate do-it-yourselfer, but it gets the job done. Check it out.

As much time as I spend obsessing about our portfolio companies and my own business, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I don’t quite yet know where the Spoke Fund concept is going – only that the idea seems to be growing. That decision of where to take it next is not just up to me anymore, either, though, as a few new other Spoke Fund managers have recently arrived on the scene. I’ve got plenty of ideas where things could go, mind you, but I also really like my current business just as it is. So, for the time being, I plan to take it just like you might expect of someone on a tropical island…slow and not too seriously.

I’ve been really enjoying talking to other fund managers about it all the last few years. It doesn’t take a ton of my time – swapping emails about Spoke Funds can actually be a nice break from the usual routine – and the little I’ve been able to post so far seems to be legitimately helpful to folks. It’s also brought me into contact with a great group of peers, a point I can’t underscore enough. The new site will help continue all of that, and allow other voices to chime in, too.

Finally, after many fits and starts, I should mention that I have finally started writing an ebook about Spoke Funds®, too. It will be the definitive guide to launching and managing a Spoke Fund® on FOLIOfn, and it will be out as soon as it’s complete. So stay tuned for more on that on