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Tax Form Posting Schedule

The most relevant 2013 tax forms should be posted in investor accounts at FOLIO by the end of next week, as per the guidelines here:

2013 Consolidated Forms 1099, 8949, and .txf file downloads: Posted to your account no later than February 28, 2014.

Consolidated Form 1099 shows capital gains, interest, dividends and other taxable amounts.

Form 8949, Sales and Other Dispositions of Capital Assets, shows capital gains and losses, and replaces the gain/loss reports of prior years.

Those “.txf” files contain realized gains and losses for upload into tax preparation software.
Gain/Loss Report spreadsheets (.csv files) are available for download year-round, and may also be useful in preparing your taxes.

And another note from FOLIO specifically on Corrected Form 1099s:

“If we receive updated information due to income reclassification from the issuers of your securities after you have received your Form 1099, we are required to send a corrected tax form with the revisions for Forms 1099 and 8949. We also update the .txf and .csv files to reflect those changes. Please be aware that the issuers of your securities may reclassify the income from your securities after we’ve issued your original Form 1099.”