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Category: The Good Life

Interview of Retz Reeves

IIM portfolio manager Retz Reeves was recently interviewed by Humans of the Keys. More on Lauretta ‘Retz’ Reeves “I’ve lived in south Florida for over 30 years. My husband moved to Key West when he was 8 and he’s in his early 60’s now. I’m originally from just outside of Pittsburgh, and he is from […]

Happy New Year

Apologies for the delay between posts lately. Been working on some new names in the portfolio and attempting to get in some quality family time. New puppy at home, too. Been a blast – although I had quite the battle with my two young daughters when it came to choosing a name for him. After […]

ATM Fees Are So Ridiculous

Courtesy of Dealbreaker, here’s a pic of one helluva ATM receipt that was left behind by someone in the Hamptons this week. Look at this thing. Stunning, isn’t it? It’s just nuts! Paying almost three bucks in fees just to get your own money?!?! Or am I the only cheapskate to be appalled by this? […]

Flying Over Water

And you thought YouTube was just for silly videos. Turns out it can also show you how to fly over water! I will see you on the sandbar this summer. More on JetLev here.

The Ted Williams Rule of Office Attire

Here is a link to a breezy little article in Investment News that mentioned yours truly. It’s titled, “Suit? Khakis? Financial Advisers Ponder the Power of Pinstripes” and takes a light-hearted look at what different advisers wear to the office every day. A good friend up in NYC connected me with the reporter who wrote […]

Out the window at Cheeca Lodge

Great balcony shot taken by Kelli Brower at the recently re-opened Cheeca Lodge here in Islamorada. The pic below doesn’t really do it justice, though. Click here or on the photo below to see the larger version. You can see Cheeca’s own gallery here. Kelli’s a veteran Realtor with Freewheeler. You can reach her at […]

In the Glades

Went airboating in the Everglades last weekend as part of Leadership Monroe County Class XVIII. If you ever have the opportunity, jump on it. This video doesn’t begin to do it justice, but it is amazing – even before you get to see the gators. And remember in “Crocodile Dundee” when he hypnotizes that water […]

How to Get a Golf Cart for Free

As described in this op-ed in the WSJ: Thanks to the federal tax credit to buy high-mileage cars that was part of President Obama’s stimulus plan, Uncle Sam is now paying Americans to buy that great necessity of modern life, the golf cart. The federal credit provides from $4,200 to $5,500 for the purchase of […]

Running With Dolphins

Great video making the rounds lately: “Running with Dolphins off the Key West Hump.” Found it posted on the blog of Islamorada local and Outcome Labs head honcho John Fleming, @JohnFleming, who picked it up from FishMonsterMedia and @KeysTreasures. Brilliant. Thanks to all for sharing.

Pat Ford near Flamingo

Some great new pics from Pat Ford, taken at Flamingo in the Everglades.